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Banner Asset Management is an alternative asset manager specialising in credit and fixed income markets.  Founded in 1979, we are part of the Banner Group, with offices and investment professionals in Australia, Singapore, Japan and Europe.

At Banner, our track record is founded on strong credit fundamentals and industry experience.  We manage assets for institutional investors, high net worth individuals as well as family offices.  We specialise in raising  equity and debt for complex transactions.

We operate across the real estate and credit spectrum, managing complementary investment units investing in: Direct Lending, Senior Credit, Real Estate Private Equity and Strategic Credit Opportunities.  We provide wholesale investors the ability to invest in all levels of the credit spectrum.

The finance behind Australia’s growth

Banner has provided the finance behind some of Australia’s largest development and construction projects.

Banner provided funding for new development and construction for new and emerging suburbs including Thornhill Park, Armstrong Creek and Lara in Victoria as well as finance for the sub-division, development and construction of multiple projects throughout Australia.

We provide our investors the opportunity to partner with us in exciting projects, whilst gaining solid investment returns.

Сonstruction site. Building with crane on the sky background One more you can find here http://www.istockphoto.com/photo/building-construction-with-crane-gm492807158-76531569?st=535d8ea

Our Approach

An emphasis on total returns

Investment professionals in Australia, Singapore, Japan and Europe

Our Funds

A diverse range of funds

Investment professionals in Australia, Singapore, Japan and Europe

Our Projects

Creating and bringing opportunities to life