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Our Approach

What we do

Capital preservation is our primary focus.

We first assess transactions on the basis of the security available.  Only when we are satisfied with the security, we will structure the transaction to ensure the optimal outcome for our investors - in terms of the security of their investment and returns achieved.

Our emphasis is on total returns with a high margin of safety.

We provide investors with alternate investment strategies – an asset specific investment through the Banner Wholesale Fixed Interest Income Fund or a co-mingled investment through the Banner Ebisu Income Fund - so that the investor can select the strategy best suited to them.

These funds invest in mortgages – senior credit, subordinated debt, structured facilities and private equity trades. Our investment team applies a robust analysis to each trade always with a view to risk and return.

Discipline and Diversity

At Banner we capitalise on our experience in credit and property markets, and our long established networks and adopt a disciplined approach to investment.

We target a diverse range of credit and off-market opportunities for senior debt and equity investments in commercial and residential real estate.

We leverage our significant local knowledge with an emphasis on risk control and make investments through different investment structures as follows:

Investment professionals in Australia, Singapore, Japan and Europe

1. Senior Credit

  • The senior credit team specialises in senior mortgage debt across the core areas of commercial real estate, residential real estate and land subdivisions;
  • Our aim is to provide an attractive fixed income return;
  • The team collaborates closely with a network of quality partners throughout the research and investment selection process.  These include independent valuers, quantity surveyors and other technical experts to provide an independent review of assets
  • Having assessed the security, our analysts work with the Investment Committee to price the loan, review market conditions and relative returns

The senior credit team provides research and analysis for our direct lending fund, pooled funds and opportunity funds.

Multiple houses are seen from an aerial viewpoint over a residential neighborhood in southern California.

2. Real Estate Private Equity

  • Our focus is on assets which have been under managed or need repositioning in their market;
  • We frequently access off market opportunities;
  • We seek opportunities to add value across a range of properties; markets and investment cycles.
Investment professionals in Australia, Singapore, Japan and Europe

3. Strategic Credit

  • These opportunities look at longer term assets with higher potential returns.
  • It takes a strategic position, considering future development and the regulatory environment.