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Banner Asset Management Funds

At Banner Asset Management we have three funds.

1. Banner Wholesale Fixed Interest Income Fund

The Banner Wholesale Fixed Interest Income Fund is a registered fund designed to provide wholesale investors with the opportunity to invest in mortgages secured by specific properties within Australia.

As an asset specific scheme, the investor’s return is calculated on the basis of the specific return for that asset.  Your investment is in an asset specific sub-scheme and is not pooled with other projects across the fund.

The fund provides:

  • Investments secured by specific properties as approved by the investor;
  • Regular reporting to investors;
  • Active management through involvement in project group meetings;
  • The investment is tailored to suit your risk and return profile.

2. Banner Ebisu Income Fund

The Banner Ebisu Income Fund is a managed investment scheme for wholesale investors, providing investment in a  pooled scheme.  The Fund invests in mortgages, the Banner Wholesale Fixed Interest Income Fund and other forms of property-related debt.

In a pooled scheme the investor has a share of the fund’s assets but no interest in a specific asset.  Investors are paid returns calculated across the fund’s investments.

The Fund aims to provide better than per returns whilst emphasising preservation of capital.

The Fund provides:

  • Investments secured across a diversified range of investments and properties;
  • Regular reporting to investors;
  • Active management of the investment portfolio of the Fund.

3. Banner Opportunity Funds

The Banner Opportunity Funds invest in forms of debt and equity in property projects.  the schemes are pooled, but established for specific projects.

The Funds seek to provide better than peer returns over an investment term of 2-3 years, and up to 8 years for larger projects.